Land Rover LM L322 air suspension system failure

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Land Rover LM L322 air suspension system failure

Fault phenomenon: Land Rover LM L322 uphill meter display SUSPENSION FAULT NORMAL HEIGHT ONLY, car body lift operation switch indicator is off, the car body height down to the lowest.

Checking process: test the car, after suspension system set to off-road mode, when on bumpy road driving, the speed at roughly fifty to sixty kilometers, suspension system automatically reduced to the standard height, continued to travel about more than 10 seconds, the instrument prompts error message "SUSPENSION FAULT NORMAL HEIGHT ONLY", suspension system lift switch indicator is off. Use DA-VINA 2534 SDD VCI diagnose fault records, code is C1A20-64.

Diagnosis: first understand the maintenance situation, before replacement pump, air pump relay, control valve assembly [before and back]. After connected DA-VINA 2534 SDD VCI, reset suspension system as standard model, simulated to test the car, SDD diagnostic read blocks of data, found two front control valves are opened, but the back control valve is not open. Combined with fault record and data flow, determined that the front air spring line connection error or pipeline leak.

Fault Resolution: by increasing the height of the off-road mode to power off the car to validate, take the car shelved one night, the next day to check the height of the front air springs not significantly decreased, indicating no leakage problems. Check the front height sensor, normal. Then focus to check the pipeline, and found the front valve body to the right front air spring tube [yellow] and from the tank out of the main pipe [blue] reversed. After recovery, the car is functioning properly.

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