Fileactivation Delphi CDP R3.2014 Service

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Fileactivation Delphi CDP R3.2014 Service

GO2OBD.NET has launched Fileactivation Delphi CDP R3.2014 diagnostic software service for car and truck. We will give you Fileactivation.xml to activatation. If you need to activation your Delphi DS105E to R3.2014, but you did not buy ds105e vci from us, we now have Fileactivation Delphi CDP R3.2014 service.

Please note before you buying this file activation Delphi CDP R3.2014 service:

1. It is only for the 100251 series number of Delphi DS150E VCI Scanner.

2. Please download the software by below link, this activation only for this software from hex2stuff. Link as below:!3I4hWSzQ!21NECV6kjedj1kCvHfL5yTcf3Lu0BSkjnQput5Zqq9o

3. Please click below link to see how to install Delphi CDP R3.2014 and update firmware from 1423 to 1430 (for R3.2014).

Or you can watch this video of install Delphi CDP R3.2014 software:
and the video of Delphi cdp firmware update:

4. After installed the software, please send the Fileactivation.xml and your order number to we will send the activated fileactivation.xml back to you as soon as possible. Please not we don't work at weekend.

Don't forget update the firmware of Delphi DS150E VCI from 1423 to 1430,and don't disconnect it when doing updating!!!

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