GM MDI Scanner Multiple Diagnostic Interface

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GM MDI Scanner Multiple Diagnostic Interface

GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface is professional diagnosis & programming tool for GM group vehicles includes GM,GM NAO,OPEL,SAAB and so on. PLEASE NOTE: this one does not with WLAN function.

GM Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI) Programming Solution Bundle!

* The GM MDI Unit is a compact communication module that manages the transfer of data between a vehicles on board ECU network and a PC.

* With your included TiS SPS subscription you can always access the most current General Motors vehicle control module calibrations.

* The GM MDI Unit has an easy to grip, comfortable, rugged enclosure.

* The GM MDI Programming Solution Bundle allows the user to perform Pass-Thru programming procedures using software running on a laptop or desktop PC.

* Using the GM MDI Unit for programming frees up your Tech 2 for diagnostics.

* User can perform Data transfer and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) reprogramming.

* The GM MDI Unit has shop network communications (LAN and WLAN) capabilities.

* Future expandability, including diagnostic applications.

* GM MDI is also available without TiS SPS subscription.

You can buy software for GM MDI from here:

Our GM MDI will have 100% diagnose & programming functions with those software.

Kit includes: the GM MDI, Ethernet and USB cables, cable keeper, power adapter, data link cable, MDI users guide (CD), and four AAA batteries.

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